NCDD Bookstore

  • DRE in the Desert-Dr. Fran Gengo

    Collateral Consequence of a DUI in the Desert, and elsewhere-Michael Harwin

    A View from the Prosecution Table-Hollie Holguin & Scott Redmon

    Ethics in the Desert-Les Hulnick

    Death is Different in the Desert-Peter Gerstenzang

    Defeating Death in the Desert-Don Ramsell

    SFSTs in the Desert-Steve Oberman

    The Ugly Truth About Lab Accreditation-Joe St. Louis

  • Fail-Safe Cross-Examination-Michael M. Hawkins

    Implied Consent: Is There Such a Thing? McNeeley to Birchfield-Donald J. Ramsell & Leonard R. Stamm

    The Confrontation Trilogy: Crawford, Melendez-Diaz & Bullcoming-Donald J. Ramsell & Leonard R. Stamm

    Pay for Play: Ethics, Advertising & You-Erin H. Gerstenzang

    Psychoradiology: Trends & Opportunities for the Defense Attorney-Dr. John A. Faber, MD

    Ambien Defenses-Alan S. Bernstein

    Phlebotomy Essentials-John L. Buckley

    Forensic Aspects of Driver Performance-Daniel R. Billington II

    How to Utilize SPECT Scans in the Criminal Courtroom-Dr. John A. Faber, MD

    Metrology: Science as Your Best Defense-Janine Arvizu

    Serious Science: Blood Alcohol Analysis-Joseph P. St. Louis

    Serious Science: Blood Drug Analysis-Andrew Mishlove

    Pharmacologist vs. DRE: What’s in a Name?- Dr. James T. O’Donnell

    The Black Box: Is is Really a Smoking Gum?-Daniel R. Billington II

    Dynamic DUI Defense: How to Change Your Game Ethically Right Now!-Christopher J. Angles & Paul D. Cramm

    Keynote Address & Supreme Court Update-Gerald H. Goldstein

  • Cannabis and Cars-George L. Bianchi

    DRE and ARIDE Overview-Robert LaPier

    A Critical Review of the Scientific Reliability of the DRE Process-Francis Gengo, PhD.

    Marijuana and DUI-For Real-Manny Daskal

    Fourth Amendment Issues-Michael J. Kennedy

    Lab Testing of Blood-Ronald L. Moore

    Lab Testing of Drugs-Heather Harris

    Pulling Back the Curtain of Forensic Labs-Janine Arvizu

    Where the Government Is Taking Us-Steven Epstein

  • Cross Examination of the Arresting Officer-Marjorie P. Russell

    Initial Consultation in the High Profile Case-Tony Q. Coleman

    What You Need to Know About Immigration Law-Brad J. Williams

    Knocking Out Priors-Professor Byron Warnken

    Making a Deal With the Devil-The Ethics of Plea Negotiations-Professor Rishi Batra

    Elective Seminars-Various Speakers 

    Rules of Evidence You Need to Know-Mary Chartier

    Voir Dire-Doug Murphy

    Bench Trials-Leonard R. Stamm

    Cure for Bad Breath 2.0-James Nesci

    Beginner Cross-Examination of the Blood Test Chemist and Phlebotomist-Andrew Mishlove

    Advanced Cross-Examination of the Blood Test Chemist and Phlebotomist-Joseph P. St. Louis

    Medical Defenses-Andrew D. Alpert

    Closing Argument-William K. Kirk

    Keynote Address-Dean A. Strong & Jerome F. Buting

  • Riding the Roller Coaster: Creating Work Life Balance-James O. Ruane

    Sentencing Advocacy: What Happens When You Lose-Ryan L. Russman

    15 Years of DUI Defense: Some Lessons Learned-Harley O. Wagner

    Defending OWI Cases: Hearsay, 404b, and Other Evidentiary Issues-Mary Chartier

    Confirmation Bias: A Personal Perspective-Peter J. Carini

    Representing the Military Client in Civilian Court-John E. Hunsucker

    Find Victory Through FOIA-Michael J. Nicholas

    GERD: More Heartburn Than You Bargained For-Allen M. Trapp, Jr.

    Setting the Table: Using Pre-Trial Motions to Win Trials-Alisha A. Wood

  • Founding of NCDD & The DUI Exceptions to the Constitution-Lawrence Taylor

    Persuading with Professionalism-James Farragher Campbell

    Opening & Closing Arguments: Pearls of Wisdom From 42 Years of Practice-John T. Kirk

    The Breadth of Breath Testing-Mimi Coffey

    Defeating Blood Tests: Bad Blood From the Vein to the Lab-James Nesci & Joseph P. St. Louis

    Defeating Blood Tests: The Essentials of Headspace Gas Chromatography-James Nesci & Joseph P. St. Louis

    Cross Examination: Marrying the Cop to the Report-R. Scott Joye

    Rethinking Voir Dire-Bell T. Island

    Just Because You’re an Expert Doesn’t Make You Interesting-Dr. Paul Homoly

    Keeping the Faith: How to Use Good Faith to Prove Bad Faith-John Henry Hingson, III

    Psychology of Persuasion: Storytelling & Anchoring-Howard L. Nations

    Keynote Address-Alan M. Dershowitz

  • Peter Gerstenzang:  Using SFSTs To Prove Sobriety

    Doug Murphy: Defending Boating While Intoxicated Cases

    Joseph P. St. Louis:  Tear the Whole Place Down: Challenging Blood Evidence by Challenging the Lab Itself

    G. Cole Casey: The Business of DUI Defense

    Christine A. Koehler: Too Much Vermouth in My Martini-And More Serious Bar Complaints

    Donald J. Bartell:  Jury Selection-A Different Approach

    D. Benjamin Sessions:  Maximizing Mouth Alcohol

    Leonard R. Stamm: The Top 20 Myths of Blood, Breath, and Urine Testing-Revisited

    Eric H. Sills:   Cross of the Arresting Officer

    James Nesci: Digging Up the DRT

  • Crafting Your Opening Statement-Denis M. DeVlaming

    Handling Injury & Death Cases-Edward L. Fiandach

    Out of State Licenses-Jennifer G. Ammons

    Impeaching the Breath Test-Michael M. Hawkins & Anthony D. Palacios

    Cross of Their Extrapolation Expert-Ronald L. Moore

    SFSTS: New Manual New Opportunities-James Nesci

    Jury Psychology-Patrick T. Barone

    The “Just Say No” Case: Refusals at Every Stage of the Arrest-Donald J. Ramsell

    Cross of the Blood Test Technician-Andrew Mishlove

    DUI Defense: Ethics & Excellence-C. Andrew Carroll

    DUI Complications: Getting Into Canada-Marisa Feil

    Keynote Address-Roger J. Dodd

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Robert B. Hirschhorn – Voir Dire Gems in DWI Cases

    Leonard R. Stamm – Handling a Bench Trial

    Mimi Coffey – Cross Examination of the Arresting Officer: Strategies & Gems for SFST’s

    Virginia L. Landry – Cross Examination of the Arresting Officer: Strategies & Gems for Non SFST’s

    Josh Lee – Blood Testing: G.C. Theory and Issue Spotting

    Phillip B. Price, Sr. – Breath Testing: The 12-step Approach

    Dr. Wanda Marley – Retrograde Extrapolation Top Issues & Gems

    Ronald L. Moore – Drug Toxicology & Strategies & Issues

    Doug Murphy – Voir Dire Demonstration

    Ava George Stewart – SFST Cross Examination Demonstration of the Arresting Officer

    Bruce Edge – Non SFST Cross Examination Demonstration of the Arresting Officer

    D. Timothy Huey – Toxicologist Cross Examination Demonstration: Retrograde Extrapolation

    Michael M. Hawkins – Breath Test Cross Examination Demonstration

    James Nesci & Joseph P. St. Louis – Blood Test Cross Examination Demonstration

  • William K. Kirk:  Cross Examination:  The Lawyers Opportunity to Testify

    James Nesci:  Cross Demo of the Arresting Officer

    Erin H. Gerstenzang:  Preparing for Hearings & Trials: Approaches, Organization & Tools

    J. Gary Trichter:  Lawyer Ethics and the Code of the West:  Lessons Learned Over the Last 40 Years

    Donald J. Ramsell:  Presenting Your Expert

    Dan L. Cogdell:  Closing Statements

    Stephen L. Jones:  A Closing for Every Case

    Virginia L. Landry:  Changing the Jury’s Presumption

    Dr. A.W. Jones:  Reflections On Forty Years Of Forensic Alcohol And Drug Research

    Leslie F. Hulnick:  Ethics – Defending with Integrity

    Bruce Edge:  Weaving Your Theme Throughout the Tapestry of Trial

    Joseph P. St. Louis:  Creative Opening Statements: Getting to Not Guilty Right Out of the Gate


  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Dr. Joe Citron, M.D. – The Latest in FST’s Research & Associated Strategies for Trial

    Michael Kennedy – Motions Practice: How to be a Paper Tiger

    Justin J. McShane – Why There is No Science in Evidentiary Breath Testing

    Dave Clark – How to Attack a DUI Warrant and Other Related Matters

    Flem K. Whited, III – DUI Caselaw Update

    Denis deVlaming – From Voir Dire through Closing; First Impression, Lasting Effect

    Allen M. Trapp, Jr. – Would Someone Please Wake-Up that Driver- How to Handle DUI/Ambien Case

    James O. Ruane – The Responsible & Ethical Use of Social Media in Your Practice

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Robert B. Hirschhorn – Using Scaled Questions to Maximize Your Time During Jury Selection

    Leonard R. Stamm & Peter Gerstenzang – Workshop – Jury Selection

    Mimi Coffey – Trial Strategy & Breath Testing

    J. Gary Trichter – Making the Right to a Fair Trial: Unfair to be Fair

    Erin H. Gerstenzang – Ethics

    Tyrone C. Moncriffe – The Art of Persuasion & The Closing Argument

    Dr. Sunwolf – Innovations in Jury Selection: Harvesting Skewed Venires; Juiced Jurors; Mental Blind Spots and Perfecting a Challenge for Cause

    Michael M. Hawkins – Cross Examination – A Performance

    Justin J. McShane – Basic Gas Chromatography for Blood Alcohol Content

    Stephen L. Jones – The Real Field Sobriety Tests

    Hon. Joseph D. Johnson – Keynote Address

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Ken Fornabai – Search for the Truth, Then Move to Suppress It

    John Henry Hingson,III – Constitutional Law and the DUI Exception

    James Campbell – Don’t Let a Case Get the Better of You (Ethics)

    G. Cole Casey – When Trial is the Only Answer

    Flem K. Whited, III – DUI Case Law Updates

    Peter Wold – Collateral Consequences (CDL, FAA, Coast Guard & Canada)

    Doug Murphy – Las Diez Mejores Balas de Plata

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Franciso Duarte – First Person Opening

    Ted Vosk – Uncertainty & Science

    Steve Rickard – Accident Reconstruction/Reaction Time

    Evan M. Levow & Thomas E. Workman – Your Expert: How to Direct and Protect

    Roger Dodd – Cross Examination Techniques

    Doug Murphy – Jury Selection

    Kenneth W. Fornabai – DWI: Defending with Integrity, Ethics in Your Practice

    John T. Kirk – Closing Arguments

    Leonard R. Stamm - Closing – Demo & Explanation

  • Leslie F. Hulnick:  Making the Most of Your Opening & Closing

    Harley O. Wagner:  Interviewing the Client – Making it Count

    Paul R. Burglin:  Culturing Trial Pearls In Rough Seas

    J. J. Paul III:  Widmark’s Theory & Retrograde Extrapolation

    Leonard R. Stamm:  Top 102 Medical Defenses to DUI

    Anthony Palacios:  Field Sobriety Tests – Knowing What They are and How to Use Them

    William K. Kirk:  Don’t “Waive” Goodbye – Sentencing Do’s and Don’ts

    Stephen L. Jones:  Time Exploring Evidentiary and Other Issues Arising in DUI Cases

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Leslie F. Hulnick – Opening Statements

    Stephen L. Jones – The NHTSA Manual and More: Using NHTSA Detection Techniques

    John T. Kirk – Ethically Defending the Underdog: What We Can Learn from John Adams

    Terence F. MacCarthy – Cross Examination

    Leonard R. Stamm – Closing Arguments

    Peter Gerstenzang & Michael M. Hawkins – Breath Testing Science: The Low Budget Approach

    Peter Gerstenzang & Michael M. Hawkins – Blood Testing Science: The Low Budget Approach

    Dr. Gary S. Bellack – Reflux: It’s Not Just Heartburn Anymore

    Edward L. Fiandach – Expert Examination: The Direct of Your Expert: The Cross of the State’s Expert

  • Don Ramsell:  Discovering What You Need to Win (6th Amendment)

    Bill Kirk:  Suppressing What They Need to Win (4th & 5th Amendments)

    Lenny Stamm:  I’d Like to Introduce You to My Best Friend; Mr. Crawford (Using Crawford in Your Motions)

    Wayne Foote:  Priors? What Priors? (Now You See Them, Now You Don’t).

    Bruce Kapsack:  Framing Motions Efficiently or “Size Doesn’t Matter-It’s All In The Motion”

    Victor Carmody:  Law Office Management & Technology

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Hon. David Demers – Judges Aren’t Fungible: An Approach to the Bench

    Flem Whited – National Case Law Update Past, Present & Future

    Anthony Palacios – DRE: Digging Up the Dirt Part One

    James Nesci – DRE: Digging Up the Dirt Part Two

    John T. Kirk – Opening to Closing Creating a Theme

    Denis deVlaming – From Voir Dire through Opening First Impressions, Last Effects

    Mike Hawkins – Cross Examination: Teeing Up Your Shot

    George Stein – Closing Arguments: Driving it to the Green

    Les Hulnick – Anatomy of a Jury Trial

    Fred Whitehurst – False Positive False Justice

    Lenny Stamm – From Crawford to Melendez-Diaz: Confronting State’s Witnesses

    Victor Carmody – Law Office Management

    Ed Fiandach – You’ve Got Trouble (Ethically Managing the Troublesome Client)

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Flem Whited – Ride the Wave of Important Cases

    Phillip Price – How to Search for Buried Treasure

    John T. Kirk, Leslie F. Hulnick, Victor Carmody & Flem Whited – Casting Toward the Horizon: The Future of DUI Defense

    Gary Trichter – How to Talk Like a Pirate and Get the Booty

    Edward L. Fiandach – How to Knock Down Sand Castles: Foundations of Breath Testing

    Victor Carmody – Toys that Work in Court-Not on the Beach

    Lawrence Taylor, Doug Cowan, James Campbell & J.J. Paul III – Trolling for Winners: Tips & Techniques that Work

    John T. Kirk – Deep Sea Fishing: Gathering the Pearls

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Dr. Paul Homoly – Breaking Through to Not Guilty

    Prof. Annette Winston & Steve Oberman – Persuasive Arguments & Influencing People

    James Nesci – Reasonable Doubt: The Ethics of Persuasion

    Troy McKinney – Framing Persuasive Motions & Appeals

    Peter Gerstenzang – Ethically Managing the Prosecutor in the Black Robe

    Dr. Ray Kelly – DUI Drugs: The Future is Here

    Dr. Ray Kelly, Ron Moore & Thomas E. Workman – Persuasive Direct & Cross Exam of Experts

    Joseph P. St. Louis – Voir Dire: A Capital Idea (Lessons Learned from Death)

    M. Cleve Johnson & Bruce Kapsack – Framing DUI Cases: Lessons from Political Consultants

    Buckley Carlson – How to Effectively Use Framing with Focus Groups

  • Robert W. Chestney: Cross of the Cop-Making Them Work for You

    George A. Stein and Leonard R. Stamm:  Funding the Fight-Ethical & Effective Firm Management

    Tracey A. Wood:  Science or Witchcraft-SFST’s

    James Nesci:  Entering the Twilight Zone-Crossing the DRE

    John T. Kirk:  In Harms Way- Preparing Your Client to Testify

    George D. Flowers:  Apples & Oranges- Comparing the Machines: Draeger, Intoxilyzer and Datamaster

    Bruce S. Kapsack:  A Holistic Approach to a DUI Trial

  • Jim Nesci - The Cure for Bad Breath: 1. Seven Dirty Phrases
    2. Words You Can’t Say & How to Say Them
    3. Some People Will Volunteer for Anything -or-
    “The 10 cm Rectal Thermometer Experiment”

    Tracey Wood/Cole Casey - Using the Breath Test Expert Effectively

    Lenny Stamm - Handling the Problem Witness

    Steve Jones - Cross of the Real SobrietyTests

    Bruce Kapsack - Mining the Manual- Demo and
    Lecture on Impeachment Techniques Using the SFST Manual

    Ed Fiandach - Opening Statement-High Test, Low Physical Evidence Structure and Demo

    George Bianchi - Closing Statement In Test Refusal Case-Structure and Demo 

    Gary Trichter - Jury Selection

    Larry Taylor - Why We Fight


  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Peter Gerstenzang – Recognizing the Obvious and Dealing with Your Client’s Alcohol Problem

    Timothy C. Rath – Juggling the Odds: The Art of Voir Dire

    Flem K. Whited, III – Winning at Every Level

    Thomas F. Liotti – Cross-Examination From A to Z

    Glenn Edward Murray – Checking the Box: The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

    James F. Campbell – Digging Deeper: The Role of a Private Investigator in DWI Cases

    Dr. Francis Gengo – Finders/Keepers: Discovering What You Really Need in a Blood and Breath Case

    Dr. Robert Greendyke – The Role of a Forensic Pathologist in DWI Cases

    John T. Kirk – Everyone Loves a Good Story

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Michael Hawkins – Conquering HGN – Cross Examination Tactics and Techniques

    James A. H. Bell – Accident Reconstruction – The Basics for Those Who Flunked Physics and Math

    Daniel A. Drake The Ethics of Advertising – Promoting Your Practice Without Selling Your Soul

    George L. Bianchi – Co-Opting the FSTS – Approaches To the Walk and Turn & One Leg Stand

    Bruce S. Kapsack – Priming the Pump – Preparing the Defense Expert

    George A. Stein – Don’t Open the Door – Keeping Suppressed Evidence Out

    Leonard R. Stamm – Bench Hearings and Trials – Getting Through the Robe

    James Nesci – Attacking Blood Tests – Shattering the Myth

    W. Troy McKinney – Breath Tests – Making Them Work for You

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Leslie F. Hulnick – Ethical Missteps in Closing Arguments

    Glynn J. Delatte, Jr. – The Process of Interviewing the Client Hook, Line & Sinker

    Joseph D. Johnson – Voir Dire/Jury Selection

    Stephen L. Jones – The East Coast Cross: Save the Kill for the Jury

    Bruce Kapsack – The West Coast Feel Good Theory of Cross Examination

    Robert F. La Pier – Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

    Kenneth W. Fornabai – North-Western Scramble for the Verdict

    Robert W. Chestney – Closing Arguments Southern Style

  • 2005 Summer Session

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Richard Hutton – Defending DUI Deaths: Manslaughter/Murder

    Felipe Plascencia – Direct of a Defense Expert

    Peter Gerstenzang – Why Breath Testing Doesn’t Work

    Bruce Kapsack – Courtroom Ethics

    William Kirk – Leave No Stone Unturned: Use of a Defense Investigator

    Troy V. Huser – CDL & Interstate Issues

    Todd F. LaNeve – Pilot License Issues

    Sherry Boston – Throttle the Cop with Kindly Cross

    Ken Fornabai – The Cascade Closing: Making Mountains Out of Molehills

    George Bianchi – Motions for the Weak Hearted

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Professor Sunwolf – Storytelling, Persuasion, and the Juror Listening Dilemme

    Troy McKinney – HIPPA/Laboratory Discovery: What to ask for and how to use it

    Dr. Alfred E. Staubus – Forensic Drug Testing

    Dr. Kurt Dubowski – Forensic Blood Alcohol Testing: Art and Science

    George Bianchi – Essential Points in Cross of Phlebotomist and Lab Tech

    Ed Fiandach & Dr. Fran Gengo – Defending the Marijuana Case: Part 1: Pharmacology and Effects of Cannabis and Part 2: Evidentiary Implications of Chemical Testing for Cannabis Cases

    Peter Gerstenzang & Thomas E. Page – DRE in the Key of C

    Steven Oberman – Everything You Wanted to Know About Field Sobriety Tests But Were Afraid To Ask

    Leslie F. Hulnick & Joseph D. Johson Voir Dire

    Charles L. Sifers – Basics of Breath Testing

  • 2003 Winter Session

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Leonard R. Stamm – Essential Cases to Know in Handling Challenges to Scientific Evidence

    Lisa DeCaro & Len Matheo – Communication: Style & Skill

    Dr. Joe Citron & Troy McKinney – HGN Suppress and Cross-Examination

    Victor J. Pellegrino – Ethics

    Terence F. MacCarthy – Look Good Cross

    James F. Campbell & Randy Moore – Advanced Cross-Examination

    Stephen L. Jones – Cross-Examination

    Troy Walden & Lance Platt – SFST’s: Another Perspective

    J. Gary Trichter – DWI Evidence Objections & Proffers

    Steven Oberman – Everything You Wanted to Know about Field Sobriety Tests but Were Afraid to Ask

    Robert B. Hirschhorn – How to Conduct a Meaningful and Effective 30-minute Voir Dire in a Criminal Case

    George Bianchi – Witness Preparation

    Bruce Kapsack – Motions Practice

    Michael A. Hawkins & Gus McDonald – Preparing for Plan B: Mitigating Punishment in DUI Sentencing

    Charles F. Sifers & William C. Head – Advanced Cross-Examination Tips & Tricks for Breath Testing on the Intoxilyzer 5000

    Leslie F. Hulncik & George Stein – Beginning to Intermediate Cross-Examination: Tips & Tricks for Breath Testing

    Dr. Fran M. Gengo – Pharmacology-The Ethanol Dose: Response Disconnect and Marijuana Concentrations, What Do They Mean?

    Steven W. Richard – Effective Examinations of the Accident Reconstruction Expert

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    John T. Kirk – Closing Arguments

    Leslie F. Hulnick – Award Winning Statements and Closing Arguments

    Dr. Francis Gengo – Clinical Pharmacology of Ethanol Applications to DWI

    Barry T. Simons – Interstate Implications of Driver’s License Suspensions

    Edward L. Fiandach – Expert Witnesses

    David T. Stafford – Blood, Breath & Urine Testing

    Steven Oberman – Effective Use of a Blood & Urine Test Expert

    Robert B. Hirschhorn – New Ideas, Techniques and Questions for Jury Selections in a DUI Case

    Mary Catherine McMurray – Challenging an Evidential Breath-Alcohol Test…Ramblings of a Scientist Viewing the Test

    William C. Head – Cross of a Breath Test Operator

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Dr. Joseph Citron – HGN and Other Field Tests: The Voodoo of Police Science

    Dr. Fran Gengo – Pharmacology as a Defense to a .08 BAC (or higher) Case

    Patrick M. Demers – The Mechanics of Blood Testing

    Reese Joye – Ethics: Offense and Defense

    Edward Imwinkelried – Constitutional and Evidentiary Foundations

    Flem K. Whited – DUI Law Update

    Phillip B. Price, Sr. – Demonstrative Evidence

    Ross Kodner – The Paperless Office: Taming the Paper Monster

    James F. Campbell & Steve Rickard – DUI Accident and Reconstruction

    Troy McKinney & Ed Loss – Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, Drug Recognition Officer, Drug Recognition Expert Update

    Robert Hirschhorn – Voir Dire Lecture and Demonstration

    Don Nichols – The Power of Power Point

    Lisa DeCaro & Lynn Mateo – Creating Vocal Thunder in the Court Room

    Jess Paul – Opening Statements

    Lawrence Taylor & Bob Chestney – Cross Examination of the Arresting Officer

    Leslie Hulnick & William C. Head – Cross Examination of the State’s Blood Test Expert

    Barry Simons, Charles Sifers, Victor Pellegrino & George Bianchi – Cross Examination of the Arresting Officer Symposium

    Steven Oberman – Cross Examination of the State’s Blood Expert Symposium

    Ed Fiandach – Fear and Closing Arguments Lecture

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    J. Gary Trichter – How to Rope Jurors into Your Corral: Tricks from the Ole Trickster

    Edward L. Fiandach – Wake up and Smell the Kona: What it Costs if You Don’t Hire the Best

    Victor J. Pellegrino – Prosecutors Have Ethics But Don’t Know It: Here’s What to Teach Them

    George Bianchi – How to Make the Prosecutor Sing in your Choir: Motions, Motion and More Motions

    John T. Kirk – The Venue Flytrap: Snagging the Jury Before the Vote

    Victor W. Carmody – Victoria Has Her Secrets, Victor Has His Toys!

    J. J. Paul III – Homan and The ABCs of FST

    Phillip B. Price, Sr. – How to Get Into The Game: Shooting Hoops for the FST Hula Bowl

    Steven Oberman, Robert Chestney & Lawrence Taylor – Hula College FST Review Board Panel Response

    Flem K. Whited, III – 15 Most Important Weird, Funny, Best and Worst DUI Cases

    Charles Sifers – So You Want To Be A State Certified Breath Test Operator and Maintenance Supervisor

    William C. Head & Mary McMurray – 50 Ways to Beat The Breath Test

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    William C. Head – Ethical Client Acquisition and Interview

    Steven Oberman – Cross-Examination of the State’s Blood Test Expert

    Gary Trichter & Troy McKinney – DWI Defense Witness Preparation: How to Compete with the Testimony of Experienced Police Witnesses

    Dr. Joseph Citron – Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

    Barry Simons – Preparing and Arguing Trial Motions

    J.J. Paul, III – Preparing and Arguing Pre-Trial Motions

    Dr. Fran Gengo – Expert Witness Vignettes

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Michael Kennedy – Motion Practice Updated

    Patrick M. Demers – Introduction to Chemical Testing

    Mary McMurray – Advanced Chemical Testing

    Michael P. Hlastala, Ph.D. – Advance Chemical Testing

    Les Hulnick – Cross-examination of the Expert Witness

    Doug Cowan – Cross-examination of the Expert Witness

    DUI/DWI Investigations

    Stephen J. Long – Cross-examination of the Arresting Officer

    Edward Fiandach – The SUPER TOUGH Case

    Barry Simons – Tools for the DUI Office

    Victor Carmody – Beginning General Office Procedures

    J. Gary Trichter – Establishing a Defense Theme & Implementing Theme in Jury Selection

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Victor J. Pellegrino – Initial Interview

    Gary Trichter – New Voir Dire – The Enlightenment

    Leslie F. Hulnick – Opening Statements

    John T. Kirk – Cross-Examination

    Edward L. Fiandach – Gaining Respect: Perfecting the Art of the Appeal

    Barry Simons – Handcuffing the Prosecution in Closing Argument – Avoiding Prosecutorial Misconduct

    Captain Motion – Pre-Trial Motions

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Douglas L. Cowan & and George Bianchi – Defending Against the Prior Conviction

    Victor Pellegrino – Cross-examination: The DUI/DWI Accident Case

    Edward L. Fiandach – Effective Cross-examination Techniques

    Roger J. Dodd – Introduction to Chemical Testing

    Dr. Richard Jensen – Required Discovery Breath Testing

    Mary McMurray – Intoxilyzer 5000 What it was, is & may soon become!

    William C. Head – Draeger 7110 Is this the future of breath testing?

    Mary McMurray – BAC Datamaster Is there anything left?

    Robert Zettl, Dougls L. Cowan and George Bianchi – Gas Chromatography ; Drugs; Preliminary Alcohol Sensors

    Robert Zettl – Developing Trial Themes: The Great Debate

    James F. Campbell – Let the Defendant Testify or Not?

    Robert W. Chestney – Jury Selection

    Diane Wiley – Refusal Issues Some Medical Twists

    Barry T. Simons – Administrative Law Update

    Reese I. Joye, Jr. and Leslie F. Hulnick – Summation

  • 1998 Winter Session

  • Roll over image to zoom in

    Professor Edward Imwinkelreid – Constitutional Foundations in DUI Cases

    Flem K. Whited, III – Preparation, Discovery and Pre-Trial Motions

    Robert Hirschhorn – Jury Selection – Lecture and Demonstration

    Reese I. Joye, Jr. – Judge Voir Dire

    Victor W. Carmody, Jr. – Bench Trials

    Francis X. Moore – Opening Statement

    J. J. Paul, III – Cross of Cop

    Victor J. Pellegrino – DMV Hearings

    Dr. Richard Jensen – Breath Testing/Science Update

    David Fries – Calibration Checks; Infrared Breath Testing Devices

    Robert Chestney – Intoxilyzer 5000 Legal

    Dr. Richard Jensen – Intoxilyzer 5000 Science

    Ronnie Cole – BAC Datamaster Legal

    Karl Brandt – BAC Datamaster Science

    William C. Head – Cross of Technician

    Dr. Richard Jensen – Forensic Blood Alcohol

    Edward Fitzgerald – Forensic Blood Alcohol Cross

    Dr. Richard Jensen – Hospital Blood Alcohol Testing

    J. Gary Trichter – Hospital Blood Alcohol Cross

    Barry T. Simons – Interstate Driver’s License Issues

    James F. Campbell – Putting It All Together

  • 1997 Winter Session

  • 1997 Summer Session

  • 1996 Summer Session

  • 1995 Summer Session

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