Serious Science:   The NCDD Advanced Course on Blood Alcohol Analysis and Trial Advocacy.
June 14-19, 2019
Shimadzu Laboratory – The University of Texas-Arlington

Serious Science returns to the awesome Shimadzu Laboratory, this time for an intensive, graduate level course on blood alcohol analysis and trial advocacy.  If you want to take your skills to the next level, you must come to Serious Science.  We start with dinner and some basic information on communication and forensic science.  The next two days are spent in the laboratory.  Students get hands-on experience preparing samples, running calibrations on the equipment and doing their own analyses.  No course offers more hands-on laboratory experience.  The course then shifts to the trial skills phase.  We spend the next three days in small-group workshops, with the scientific experts from UT-Arlington and trial skills instructors from the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College,  practicing essential the trial skills necessary to tell a story about science in the courtroom.  

This is America’s most advanced course on forensic science and trial advocacy. Reserve the dates.