2019 Winter Session Written Materials (Los Angeles, CA)




Pulp Fiction: The DRE Overview-Anthony D. Palacios & Ron Lloyd

Up in Smoke: Cannabis & Cars-George L. Bianchi

The Perfect Storm: Drug Combinations-Dr. Fran Gengo

Parts Unknown: The Questions the DRE Does Not Want You to Ask Them-Dr. Lance A. Platt, Ph.D.

Twelve Angry Men: Voir Dire in a DRE Case-Doug Murphy

Silver Linings Playbook: Openings in a DRE Case-Kimberly J. Benjamin

Man on Fire: Cross Examination of a DRE-Felipe Plascencia

LA Confidential: The Ethics of Representing Those Suffering From Addiction-Virginia L. Landry

Back to School: DRE Studies and Your Virtual Forensic Library-Bell T. Island

The Last Picture Show: Closing Arguments in a DRE Case-Donald J. Bartell

To Live and Die in LA: Live DRE Examinations-Anthony D. Palacios, Ron Lloyd & Dr. Lance A. Platt, Ph.D.

The Last Samurai: Closing Argument Demonstration-Donald J. Bartell