2014 Winter Session Written Materials (San Diego, CA)




Peter Gerstenzang:  Using SFSTs To Prove Sobriety

Doug Murphy: Defending Boating While Intoxicated Cases

Joseph P. St. Louis:  Tear the Whole Place Down: Challenging Blood Evidence by Challenging the Lab Itself

G. Cole Casey: The Business of DUI Defense

Christine A. Koehler: Too Much Vermouth in My Martini-And More Serious Bar Complaints

Donald J. Bartell:  Jury Selection-A Different Approach

D. Benjamin Sessions:  Maximizing Mouth Alcohol

Leonard R. Stamm: The Top 20 Myths of Blood, Breath, and Urine Testing-Revisited

Eric H. Sills:   Cross of the Arresting Officer

James Nesci: Digging Up the DRT