2002 Winter Session Written Materials (Biloxi,MS)




John T. Kirk – Closing Arguments

Leslie F. Hulnick – Award Winning Statements and Closing Arguments

Dr. Francis Gengo – Clinical Pharmacology of Ethanol Applications to DWI

Barry T. Simons – Interstate Implications of Driver’s License Suspensions

Edward L. Fiandach – Expert Witnesses

David T. Stafford – Blood, Breath & Urine Testing

Steven Oberman – Effective Use of a Blood & Urine Test Expert

Robert B. Hirschhorn – New Ideas, Techniques and Questions for Jury Selections in a DUI Case

Mary Catherine McMurray – Challenging an Evidential Breath-Alcohol Test…Ramblings of a Scientist Viewing the Test

William C. Head – Cross of a Breath Test Operator