2001 Winter Session Written Materials (Kauai,HI)




J. Gary Trichter – How to Rope Jurors into Your Corral: Tricks from the Ole Trickster

Edward L. Fiandach – Wake up and Smell the Kona: What it Costs if You Don’t Hire the Best

Victor J. Pellegrino – Prosecutors Have Ethics But Don’t Know It: Here’s What to Teach Them

George Bianchi – How to Make the Prosecutor Sing in your Choir: Motions, Motion and More Motions

John T. Kirk – The Venue Flytrap: Snagging the Jury Before the Vote

Victor W. Carmody – Victoria Has Her Secrets, Victor Has His Toys!

J. J. Paul III – Homan and The ABCs of FST

Phillip B. Price, Sr. – How to Get Into The Game: Shooting Hoops for the FST Hula Bowl

Steven Oberman, Robert Chestney & Lawrence Taylor – Hula College FST Review Board Panel Response

Flem K. Whited, III – 15 Most Important Weird, Funny, Best and Worst DUI Cases

Charles Sifers – So You Want To Be A State Certified Breath Test Operator and Maintenance Supervisor

William C. Head & Mary McMurray – 50 Ways to Beat The Breath Test