The exam shall cover the issues and the complexity of DUI defense, including a demonstration of knowledge in substantive, procedural and scientific areas, as well as evidentiary issues, which impact and affect the defense of a person accused of DUI.

In addition to the written examination, the applicant must pass an oral examination. The oral examination will be fashioned as an appellate oral argument or a trial skills exercise, such as the examination of a witness. The oral examination will generally run 10-15 minutes in length. In conjunction with the oral examination, a brief of law or outline of the trial exercise may be required. The applicant will be given further instructions on the examination.

The examination, both written and oral, will attempt to proportionately reflect the knowledge and skills needed for an enhanced level of advocacy in the field of DUI defense.

The examination does not address state-specific laws and/or chemical testing programs. There are many excellent texts that are state-specific, however, for purposes of certification, applicants are encouraged to review materials that are common to the defense of DUI cases throughout the United States. Below is a list of recommended materials that will help the certification applicant prepare for the examination. Where possible, a website or contact number is listed for applicants who do not already have these materials in their library.


Drinking/Driving Litigation: Criminal and Civil, Nichols & Whited, Thomson-West Publishing Co. (1-800-328-4880) ( (5 Volume Set) (supplemented annually) $550

Drunk Driving Defense, 8th Edition (2016), Taylor & Oberman, Aspen Law & Business (1-800-638-8437) ( (supplemented annually) $475.00

Handling Drunk Driving Cases, 2d (1995), Edward L. Fiandach, Thomson-West Publishing Co. (1-800-328-4880) ( (supplemented annually) $298

Medical-Legal Aspects of Alcohol, 5th Ed. (2008), James C. Garriott, editor, Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co. (1-800-209-7109) ( $139

Intoxication Test Evidence, 2d Ed. (1995), Edward F. Fitzgerald, Thomson-West Publishing Co. (1-800-328-4880) ( (supplemented annually) $316

Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Fifth Edition, (Referencing the Rules adopted in 2002), published by the American Bar Association (1-800-285-2221) ( or online at no cost at


DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2004). (

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Drinking/Driving Law Letter, Nichols & Whited, 26 times a year, Thomson-West Publishing Co. (1-800-328-4880) ( $400 annually

NACDL’s The Champion Magazine, DUI column (202-872-8600 x231) Regular Membership $265 (publication included in membership) (

DWI Journal: Law & Science, Whitaker Newsletters, Inc., 313 South Avenue, P.O. Box 192, Fanwood, NJ 07023 (908-889-6336)

Seminars & Seminar Materials

National College for DUI Defense, Annual Summer Session in Boston, Massachusetts & Winter Sessions in a different location in the country each year. (

NACDL & NCDD “DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity Seminar” Annual Fall Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada (202-872-8600, extension 236) (