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About Me

“Criminal Defense is about helping people, that is what I do.”  Jonathan Rooker


When a person is accused of a crime, it is scary.  Their career, family, and liberty may be compromised by the allegation, and even more so by a conviction.  All too often one problem turns in more problems.  A DUI can cause a person to loose their license, and many times their employment.  The financial strain on the family unit can trigger other issues such as Domestic Violence and/or Divorce.  Having learned about these issues, along with having a Masters Degree in educational counselling I make it a point to bring these issues to my clients attention whenever I see the the negative effects combining to cause more problems in their life.  I truly believe in helping people, that is what I do.




I grew up in Caruthers, a small rural agriculture based town in Fresno County.  My father was a High School teacher and my mother worked as an X-Ray Technician.  They instilled the value of a good education in me at a young age.  I always knew I enjoyed helping people, and saw various routes to doing exactly that.  In a different way, law enforcement, prosecutors, Judges, and Defense Attorney’s all help people.  Some, like officers help by policing the community to make it safer.  Others, like myself help more on an individual level, helping a real person, when they need it most.  The burden of probable cause to make an arrest, and the the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt to convict are very different.  If the officers are doing their job right, many individuals who are arrested will be acquitted due to lack of evidence to reach the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt.



*  Basic Reserve Police Academy Level III

*  Bachelors Degree Criminology (Law Enforcement option)

*  Masters Ed. Counseling (PPS Credential – not active)

*  Juris Doctor of Law

*  Masters Degree in Forensic Toxicology

* M.S. Forensic Science (expected graduation fall 2016)

* ACS-CHAL Lawyer Scientist


Additional Training and Education:


Axion Laboratories:  Gas Chromatography Theory and Practice

Axion Laboratories:  Solid Drug Identification

Axiom Labs DUI-Drugs

Standardized FST:  Student Course

Field Sobriety Tests:  Instructors Cours

ADvanced Roadside Impairment Detection Enforcement

Mastering Scientific Evidence: NCDD New Orleans

CA DUI Lawyers Association: Seminars




2017 Serious Science Blood Alcohol Analysis and Trial Advocacy Graduate


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