Medical Problems and Unreliable Breath Tests We all know that breath testing is fraught with problems. However, the state refuses to acknowledge they exists, and definitely not for your client. That is where the Virtual Library comes into play. There are numerous articles about the medical problems leading to unreliable breath tests.

In the British Medical Journal, Volume 289, September 29, 1984, p. 832, found here:

Medial Problems with Breath Testing

in a reported case study, titled, “Medical problems with breath testing of drunk drivers”, the author reports about a patient who had an undiagnosed medical condition. The author states that “18% of drunk drivers have consulted their general practitioner about gastritis or dyspeptic symptoms in the fiver years before arrest. The problem of regurgitated stomach contents producing mouth alcohol and interfering with breath testings results may much larger than is generally recognized.” The presence of stomach alcohol is true, and is a bigger problem then acknowledged.

So when they say it doesn’t happen, find some of these articles and send them to the state’s “expert” and point out the real experts know it’s a problem.

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