Calculate your BAC

There are several different “calculators” or drink wheels that can be used to determine a person’s score. These should be used for informational or entertainment purposes only as there are many variables that can affect a person’s true BAC levels.  These variables include:

  • Size of the drink
  • Alcohol content of the drink
  • What and when a person ate last
  • A person’s metabolism
  • When and time frame of the consumption (absorption v. elimination stage)
  • Body type
  • Medications taken
  • Gender

These calculators or drink wheels should never be used to determine if a person is fit to drive.

The information contained on this page is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be nor should it be taken or relied upon as legal advice or factual advice concerning how much alcohol any individual can consume without exceeding any legal limit for anything or whether anyone who has consumed any specific quantity of alcohol is impaired or intoxicated. NCDD expressly disclaims any information on this page as sufficient to be relied upon in making any legal and factual decision. NCDD makes no representation or warranty that the calculations, which are provided and done by a third party, are accurate. If you want information on which you can rely in deciding how to act, now or in the future, you should consult a lawyer or appropriate experts in toxicology, pharmacology, or other disciplines. If you need legal assistance or advice, consult a lawyer in your state. You can find NCDD member lawyers in your State listed under Find an Attorney in the menu to the left or at the top of the page. None of the information on this page represents the opinion or views of the NCDD.