Yes Board Certification is Right for You

I image that not everyone believes that Board Certification is right for them or may be concerned with whether it would be recognized in their home state.  NCDD asked Board Certified Attorney Bruce Edge, what he thought about this. Here’s what he had to say:



“The Oklahoma Bar Association does not recognize a ‘specialist‘ and does not allow anyone to advertise as one. I can say I am the only Board Certified Attorney in Tulsa according to the American Bar Association guidelines. The National College for DUI Defense is the only organization in the State who has recognition that can be mentioned in this manner.


Obviously, this was a factor in my decision to take the exam, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I was knowledgeable enough to dedicate my practice to full time DUI Defense—not just paper shuffling but actual defense. Since I have taken the exam, there have been ‘wanna be’ certifications and recognitions that are offered by other entities. These are very limited, and maybe even unethical or illegal in that the attorney cannot advertise “specialist” status to their clients and is attempting to bolster or mislead their qualifications in the value attributed to such recognition. They seem unnecessary, especially when real board certification status is available through NCDD.


The first requirement for me was to demonstrate that I was a trial attorney. I needed the numbers to be able to sit for the exam. After crossing that initial hurdle, months of study and preparation lay ahead. It was an arduous task but well worth the effort. It has been a continuing source of pride for me and assurance to my clients.

I have two boys and when they were young and practicing sports, I always told them if they wanted to excel they should practice with whomever they thought was the best. I feel by taking and passing the exam, I am able to associate and practice with the best!”


Bruce decided the hard work paid huge dividends in pride, recognition, happy clients and wonderful relationships with other hard working and dedicated DUI warriors. Are you willing to do what it takes?  If so, please consider taking the exam or talk to another Board Certified attorney today!  Learn more about NCDD’s Board Certification Exam right here.  Learn more about Board Certified and NCDD Regent Bruce Edge, right here.