Why I Became Board Certfied

I became board certified to prove to myself, to the profession, and to the public that I was an elite lawyer. In an era of hype and phony pay-for-play credentials, the NCDD board certification program stands alone as test as test of DUI defense knowledge, and courtroom skill. There’s are two reasons why fewer than 60 lawyers in America have achieved board certification: the requirements for eligibility to take the exam are stringent, and the exam itself is very difficult. Accredited by the American Bar Association, it is the only credential that is officially recognized in my home State of Wisconsin, allowing me to lawfully say that I am a Specialist. The recognition that I received for becoming board certified has dramatically enhanced my career, reputation, and my practice.


Wisconsin’s Andrew Mishlove is Board Certified by NCDD and a member of the Board of Regents.  Learn more about Andrew right here.  To learn about the only ABA approved Board Certification exam in the area of DUI Defense, click here.