3 Tips For Preparing To Take The Board Certification Exam

If you are considering taking the Board Certification examination, congratulations! You are taking a huge step forward in the quality of representation that you provide to your clients. You are making a huge investment in what type of lawyer you want to be. That is a great thing. So, I want to provide you with 3 simple tips that I believe will benefit you greatly in preparing for the exam. 


  1. It is never to early to begin compiling your application materials. Gathering the materials required to verify your trials and motions hearings will take a very long time. Do not allow that process and the work required to gather those materials to cut into your preparation for the exam and your practice. Start compiling those materials well in advance of the deadline. 
  2. Rely heavily upon Taylor and Oberman’s Drunk Driving Defense treatise. No one really likes to say what you should study in preparing for the examination, but I will. If you know Taylor and Oberman (and really know it), you will be ready for this test. I outlined the entirety of the book, and it was my primary source. (No, I’m not sharing my outline.) 
  3. Start your brief early. You need to work on your brief early (and often). Do not squander those points. If you do waste those potential points, you will regret it later. Get started early so that your holidays are not consumed with writing it. 



Good Luck! 


Ben Sessions

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